Beautiful cute pixie haircuts 2015

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Since starting to devote certain time and attention to their hairstyles, girls have always wondered is there the universal one, the queen of all haircuts, which will make them look young and attractive forever. We believe that the answer is “Yes, there is!”, and what we’re talking about are fabulous cute pixie haircuts 2015.

 Cute pixie harcuts 2015

The history of pixie among celebrities

Before cute pixie haircuts became so acknowledged and well welcomed, there’s been a certain history of their development in styles. The one who “gave birth” to them is definitely Winona Ryder. During the mid ‘90s she showed up in public with her extremely short, wild hairdo, leaving many people wordless. This haircut looked amazing on her, because no matter how aggressive it may seemed, seeing such a tiny little boy style haircut on a lady, the pixie did a great job in actually showing and confirming Winona’s delicacy and sensitivity.

If addressing Winona as pixie mother, we can consider Victoria Beckham as a “pixie daughter”. When she got tired of having bob for a long time, she decided to make a great change and she had her hair cut in quite a chic pixie. The third place in period before cute pixie haircuts 2015 when referring to older generation of celebrities belongs to Audrey Tautou aka Amelie Poulain. Although many people considered her haircut a bit odd, it still made her even more sexy and sweet.



Pixie among nowadays celebrities

Still maintaining their popularity, cute pixie haircuts 2015 are the part of nowadays’ jet set.  In this new generation, the first one who appeared showing off with her hot pixie was Rihana, making it even more seductive by combining it with longer side bangs. The other one, who showed that daring to cut your hair in one of the many cute pixie haircuts 2015 i.e. bit before, doesn’t mean buying yourself a ticket to boy town was definitely Keira Knightley, whose hairdo showed how easy is to draw many curious eyes to your gorgeous swan-like neck, which was made completely unhidden by deciding to have pixie cut. Always devoted to cute pixie haircuts, Halle Berry is another good example of a beautiful hairdo. And the last, but definitely the most shocking example of cute pixie haircuts 2015, but in the most positive and the brightest lights was sweet little Emma Watson, who grew into a hot chick overnight by cutting off her cute locks into seductive pixie.


Cute pixie haircuts 2015
Cute pixie haircuts 2015
Cute pixie haircuts 2015

Why “pixie” yourself?

These were just a few typical examples of what a great change cute pixie haircuts 2015 can make from you. It’s not just a decision to shorten your hair; it’s much more than that. It’s the perfect way to show how brave you can be, in the same time elegant and delicate, and when necessary hot and wild. Cute pixie haircuts 2015 and even a lot before have always helped ladies to draw attention to them, in the most interesting and attractive way no man can resist.